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::Selling - Characters and CS
Selling characters for rent money!
Please comment below to claim, I appreciate the support!

Design by AS-Adoptables 

Closed Species - Jellycat
$20 (Extra Art)

Closed Species - Kitsumera
$63 (Extra Art)

Design by Miru-Studios 


$10 (Extra art)

Closed Species - Cinnadog

I'm not accepting anything else but USD!
:icondarcicandeh:DarciCandeh 1 17
MYO payment for coffeevixxen by Chimera-Tea MYO payment for coffeevixxen :iconchimera-tea:Chimera-Tea 4 0 Daily Painting 1679# Saber Tooth Fairy by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1679# Saber Tooth Fairy :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,818 78
CCCat for Sale/Swap
I know that this has popped up a few times before and that I delete the journal before anything really happens but
I haven't been able to develop this CCCat's character at all - I liked the idea of another major 'big baddie' aquatic character potentially being paired up with my CCCat Persy, but I just? Can't get attached to this guy whatsoever.
SO, without any further ado, I am actually putting this guy up for trade. Not tentative or anything, but will be picky.
The CCCat up for offers:

What I am seeking:
• CCCat Swaps Star! 
• Grem2s Star! 
• USD - $800. We can do payment plans, but I would prefer to discuss it beforehand and I will not tolerate any missed/late payments except if I have been told about things beforehand. There will also be a non-refundable deposit of at least $100 if you cancel the trade so keep that in mind!
:iconhydrateeth:HydraTeeth 2 11
Trix Twi and Glim by MomoMistress Trix Twi and Glim :iconmomomistress:MomoMistress 187 10
Selling Royal Bagbean (tons of art)!
I've been kinda disconnected from the group for a while now, and it's been months since I've done anything with my bean. It's super sad to say goodbye but I think Gruff could be better taken care of by someone else who can dedicate the time and love a bean like him deserves. <3 
Here's is his original design and current design:

116 - Ringtailed Lemur
Comes With:
Has different tail + longfur mutations.
He is also Royal Status, just haven't added the blue to him yet. 
His timetree is at 7 waterings!
His trials have all been completed.
He has a Cropea companion that has been trained to level 100
He has a Duo familiar - this grants him DOUBLE items earned, including Companion Training and things like that.
Level 8.
Comes with all the art her
:icondanighost:DaniGhost 7 22
In The Doghouse by Lord-StarryFace In The Doghouse :iconlord-starryface:Lord-StarryFace 25 7
PayPal Commissions [closed]


Please fill out this form if you would like to place an order:
Commission Type: (Ex: A, B, etc)
Background (if applicable): y/n

Character Reference:
Extra Information (if needed): (Ex: Pose you might have in mind, character personality, etc)

:bulletgreen: What I CAN draw:
Humans, Humanoids, Anthro, and Animals/Feral.Monsters, creatures, bizarre characters, etcGore, macabre, dark themes, etcYaoi/Yuri, couples, platonic Mecha, robots
:bulletred: What I CANNOT draw:
NSFWKissing (just need more experience) Anything very busty.
I have the right to refuse a commission if I feel it is too hard for me or something I am not comfortable with.
My prices are based on time taken, effort, and quality. 
:star: Commission info: :star:
Type A -
:iconpepperoonie:Pepperoonie 117 368
Summer Commission - Sylph by Skecchiart Summer Commission - Sylph :iconskecchiart:Skecchiart 209 14 Over the Sea to Skye by Winzer Over the Sea to Skye :iconwinzer:Winzer 63 24 [akriri auction] ~ guest artist! - closed by Sableu [akriri auction] ~ guest artist! - closed :iconsableu:Sableu 26 23
Fornlee for Sale (Tantative)

USD preferred!
:iconleahlinn:Leahlinn 4 30
YCH Commission: Pancakes are Ready! by dead-kittens3 YCH Commission: Pancakes are Ready! :icondead-kittens3:dead-kittens3 158 46 Cafluffle #035 by TheGardenOfFluffia Cafluffle #035 :iconthegardenoffluffia:TheGardenOfFluffia 7 0 Big Doodle Dump! {Full View Recommended} by FluffyMaiden Big Doodle Dump! {Full View Recommended} :iconfluffymaiden:FluffyMaiden 49 26 Birdfolk Flatsale - CLOSED by RayPai Birdfolk Flatsale - CLOSED :iconraypai:RayPai 26 18




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CoffeeVixxen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I use Sai and Manga Studio for my digital art. Working on improving my style and variety of art that I do.

Please read:
I will not sell or trade any of my characters unless I make a specific journal and status update saying which ones I am willing to part with for one reason or another.

You can find me on


Buy Me a Coffee



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Continuing from the previous poll vote for the characters! 

4 deviants said Death the Kid
1 deviant said Kanna (Dragon Maid)
1 deviant said Sucy (Little Witch Academia)
1 deviant said Akko (Little Witch Academia)
No deviants said Thompson Sisters (Soul Eater)
No deviants said Maka (Soul Eater)
No deviants said Diana (Little Witch Academia)
No deviants said Tohru (Dragon Maid)
No deviants said Elma (Dragon Maid)
No deviants said Chariot (Little Witch Academia)


I was gonna use it but after some thought, I'm not going to anymore.  I'd make the bab but I don't think I'd ever use them.

$10, price I paid.

Only looking for cash atm
Need to get some funds to make a payment on a credit card, just the minimum so I'm not late on it.
 $3 each.  

They'll be quick and most likely not shaded unless I feel like it.  

I will draw absolutely ANY character.

Aniah headshot by CoffeeVixxen

10 slots for now!
***This is an AU for MLP*** Please read on if it catches your interest

To start things off, in the city of Fillydelphia there was an orphanage.  It seemed to be a popular one to drop off unwanted newborn foals shortly after they were born quite frequently.  Two male unicorn foals were dropped off a few months apart, each having a distinctive red tip on their horns.  The Matron at the orphanage, Ms. Dazzle, thought it was odd and assumed the two possibly related.  She gave the boys the names Rune and Lance.

As the boys grew their differences in appearance compared to the other colts and fillies became more apparent.  Their horns grew turned and not straight.  Lance had a traditional unicorn tail which also caused bullying.  They handled the jeers and comments made by the other foals as adult after adult refused to adopt them due to their unique appearance.  Sometimes things got out of hoof and Lance was an easier target for physical bullying.  At these times, when Rune was able to, he'd step in and kick some flank to defend his brother.

The boys stayed at the orphanage until they were around 5 when a young couple came in and spoke with Ms. Dazzle. Rune and Lance were both reading some books, they were fairly advanced at their age for reading, when she approached them.  "Boys."

They looked up. "Yes Ma'am?" Rune had a curious expression on his face.  "I have a couple of ponies that would like to meet you."  Both the boys jumped up excitedly and then calmed down preparing for disappointment and the ponies walking out of the meeting room calling them freaks.

"Don't you worry dears.  I think they'll be taking you home with them."

"How do you know?" Lance asked, looking at her with sadness in his eyes.

"It's just a good feeling I have."

They three of them walked into the room and there sat two ponies.  An earth pony and a unicorn.  They looked young but had an air about them that felt like they knew what they were doing.  The unicorn looked at the boys and the biggest smile came across his face.  "You boys are perfect!"

The two colts stood there in somewhat of a shock.  No one but Ms. Dazzle had ever said that about them and it sounded genuine from this unicorn.  "We're different." Rune stated not taking his eyes off the unicorn.

"Now, that may be true but you're both the perfect fit for our little family.  You see we can't have babies like most other ponies so we wanted to find a couple of colts or fillies to take care of.  And you two fit exactly what we're looking for.  We have a house out of the city and the school in the area is one of the best for young unicorns to learn all they can about magic."

"Do they have books?"

"Loads of them, and so do we.  We have a room for each of you boys and a small room for a personal library."

At that the boys eyes lit up and they approached their new parents. "When can we go home?" Lance was toeing the floor with a hoof looking a little nervous.  "As soon as we get your things packed up from here we can head home.  If you like we can take you out for a treat if you've eaten dinner already." The mare smiled kindly at them and giggled a little at the way their eyes lit up again.


CoffeeVixxen has started a donation pool!
2,678 / 2,500
Ignore the goal. This can be used for randomly donated points or payment for point commissions unless I make an individual widget for that.

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